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Self-sensing tuyere temp control assembly





Feeling low taste temperature components

Self-induction temperature type components is mainly used for central air conditioning, ventilation, air supply system can control the tuyere, diffuser, ball screw tuyere, wind flow and tuyere wind, uniform air automatic adjustment, replacing the conventional manual or electric control of cumbersome, this element does not require electricity or other additional equipment in use, easy to use, is the existing optimal scheme of central air conditioning temperature, air volume control, and has low price, easy installation and use, small volume, long service life, safe and reliable, and low failure rate.

The characteristics

(1) the size is small, occupy the space is little, and the element size, structure is designed according to the need to the workplace.(2) adjust temperature accurate and reliable.(3) no vibration, stable working process.(4) components do not need special maintenance, maintenance.(5) the long service life.

The main technical performance parameters

(1) the push rod height: thermal element assembly size height shall be determined in accordance with the drawings and technical documents.(2) the push rod displacement: related to the temperature range and size requirements, custom-made ㎜ ~ 40 ㎜ range from 4.(3) temperature range: self-induction temperature cell temperature control order can range from 20 ℃ to 150 ℃.(4) hysteresis: rising curve and the trip itinerary decline curve, there is gap between delay element temperature and element action when parts of the friction between the parts is the cause of hysteresis, hysteresis in the plus or minus 2 ℃ in general.(5) the negative gravity: depending on the element shape dimension, custom-made the load thermal element under load.My company accept custom-made from a wide variety of thermal components, applications can provide solution for customers.