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Freeze and frost protection valves





Product description

Antifreeze valve internal flame state, can accurate perception water temperature, opening and closing without any power supply work. With the loss of the environmental temperature, frost valve opens when water temperature is close to freezing point, the system of low temperature water is flowing rapidly. When the water temperature rise to the set value, the pressure frost valve closed, stop the drainage. This process will be according to need to cycle, at the same time of antifreeze keep system from the water at least.

The product features

1. The pure mechanical structure, is absolutely safe2. A small amount of drainage can achieve prevent frostbite, definitely save money3. Like the faucet installation is simple, convenient, the existing system is easy to transform4. Open/close completely automatically, thoroughly solve your winter antifreeze problems - save worry5. Automatic flame state failure protection design (flame state failure, the valve automatically open)6. Copper body, rust, scale prevention design7. The interface size: DN15 (G1/2)8. The highest working temperature: 120 ° C9. The maximum working pressure: 1 mpa10. Flow coefficient Cv: 0.611. 100% products testing

Winter antifreeze little common sense

Natural heat transfer from high to low temperatures. As long as constantly lose heat water, the water temperature will be falling. When water temperature dropped to 0 ° C will freeze. When water freezes in, as the temperature drops, from a liquid into a solid.And any other material characteristics of the heat bilges cold shrink, the water temperature from 4 ° C continues to fall, the volume will increase continuously, produce a great pressure in the pipeline, enough to destroy pipeline, water meter, valve and other facilities. While frozen water pipe burst, not only need to replace the damaged parts, such as running water damage, can produce more additional maintenance cost and production, such as shutdown losses.