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Steam trap valve actuator





一、Product application range

Under the situation in an increasingly tense energy, energy conservation has become an important policy of the national economy development in China. Steam as an important secondary energy, is widely used in various industries, the steam trap is the guarantee system () in the steam piping network of a heating device or normal work and the importance of water recycling, energy saving self-reliance type control valves. In petrochemical industry, energy and power, thermal power, nuclear power), textile printing and dyeing, paper making, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, heating and other industries widely used. Steam trap, to self-reliance type temperature control valve hot static type of the steam trap because it can have a certain degree of supercooling, good energy saving effect.

二、Product features

Wax type dynamic element is the new rise of the core component of a highly efficient self-reliance type temperature control valve, it can also meet the requirements of micro displacement and large driving force, and has simple structure, reliable action, the characteristic of high temperature control precision and widely used. Based on solid and liquid incompressible and the use of sealed container working medium (thermal wax with a mixture of metal powder) of the volume change with the temperature change and the physical properties of the work, provide the wax type thermodynamic driving force of the components in the direction of expansion. Wax type thermodynamic device is mainly used in 20 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ thermostatic valve, thermostat and other products, due to the medium temperature filling wax phase change temperature and fluorine rubber (or diaphragm) and heat-resistant rubber sac, can be in 100 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, so the wax type thermodynamic components should be ?

The characteristics of the temperature sensing element

Temperature sensing element within the displacement of the plunger (80 ℃) to (100 ℃) segment, (linear) gradually increasing; And after will arrive at point (100 ℃), displacement is no longer increasing, thus protecting heat element is not damaged due to overheating. Obviously, it overcomes the bimetallic strip is easy ageing, disadvantages of corrugated pipe is easy to damage. So the performance of thermostatic steam trap is adjustable bimetal plate, corrugated pipe and bellows trap.