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Steam trap working principle


  Main features:1, with a drainage temperature regulator, can be adjusted between 80-100 degrees, easy to use.2, the drainage is continuous, and there is no noise.3, temperature sensitive components, the use of stainless steel corrosion resistance.4, not affected by vibration, steam pressure fluctuations and the effect of lithium.5, small size, light weight, easy to install.6, with overheating self preservation function, long service life.It comprises a temperature mixture, an elastic sealing member and a top rod. Assembly of the trap has a certain degree of opening. At the beginning of the operation, the air and the condensed water can be discharged quickly. With the increase of temperature, the temperature sensing element of internal heat expansion, thrust, push the push rod through its internal elastic seal to valve opening becomes smaller; the temperature continues to rise, the sense of thrust strength components inside the temperature gradually increased, resulting in tight shut off valve. With the cooling water temperature is reduced, the temperature sensing element internal contraction, thrust away, through the reset spring, forcing the valve open.