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The working principle of thermostatic mixing valve


  Thermostatic valve is a warm system supporting products, widely used in electric water heater, solar water heater and heating water system. And the application in electric water heaters and solar water heaters, can automatically adjust the temperature according to the need of cold and hot water mixing, the required temperature can be achieved quickly and stable, ensure the water temperature constant, and is not affected by water temperature, flow, pressure changes, wash bath center solve problems when the cold water temperature sometimes hot and sometimes cold, interrupt hot water, water mixing valve can be automatically closed in a few seconds, play a security role.Working principle:In the mixed water outlet thermostatic valve, equipped with a thermal component, using the characteristic temperature of the original mobile drive spool valve body, water inlet seal or open the cold and hot water. Open water cold water in the block at the same time, when the temperature control knob to set a temperature, regardless of the cold and hot water inlet temperature, pressure changes into the cold and hot water outlet ratio are changed, which remained constant water temperature, the temperature regulating knob products at any temperature range setting, thermostatic valve automatically maintain the water temperature.